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The Truth in Training Information

Common Sense Training
The Article Collection

by Bill Piche

Bill has published over 30 articles that have appeared in such periodicals as Master Trainer, HardTraining Newsletter, Hardgainer, and MILO. In 1989, he was ranked in the top 50 in the U.S. for the deadlift with a lift of 600lbs (over triple bodyweight) in the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Association. He's a Certified Captain of Crush and is also the creator of the Cyberpump! web site that is one of the oldest strength training web sites on the net.

Bill Piche shares not only what works but also what to avoid in training that can cause permanent set backs.  His competitive career also enabled him to gain perspective on maximum lifting and gain insight into the ultimate pushing of the body for strength.  


 The Article Collection Included:

Common Sense Training

So You Want Big Guns?

The Arms Experiment

Experiments in the Gym: The Bench Press

My Achin Back

The Ball Squat

Experiments in the Gym: The Squat

Experiments in the Gym: The Deadlift

Explosive Training: Just say NO!

If I Had a Time Machine

One Pound at a Time

One Pound at a Time, Part 2

Information Overload

Powerlifting 101

Powerlifting 102

Powerlifting 103

A Small Investment, Big Returns

Arthur's Chains Revisited

The Big Pull

The Captains of Crush

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