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The Truth in Training Information

Younger Women, Faster Airplanes, Bigger Crocodiles

This biography is an orderly, comprehensible compendium of Arthur's life from birth to MedX. It starts with his family background footnoted to include his father's newspaper obituaries and a plethora of details and their sources. The book follows Arthur through his childhood and teenage years. Everything from his early mechanical design projects, his developing interest in animals and flying, and his concurrent evolving interest in strength training. 

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Special Items: Wild Cargo Episodes with Arthur Jones

The Ve-book is here! 

You may be aware from Younger Women, Faster Airplanes, Bigger Crocodiles or And God Laughs that Arthur Jones' first career was capturing and filming wild game. His activities resulted in the Wild Cargo series, among others. If you were lucky, you remember watching it in the '60s. Even luckier if you went to one of the personal appearance shows on tour.

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