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The Truth in Training Information

Wild Cargo Episodes
with Arthur Jones



With Nautilus launched, television and filming took a back seat. In the '80s, Arthur's interest in those areas resurfaced and culminated in one of the finest, if not the finest, cutting edge studios in the world. With the best equipment at his disposal, Arthur took the opportunity to re-record several Wild Cargo episodes on Nautilus Television Network video tapes. Those tapes were found in his storage locker, along with miles of original film. The tapes have been digitally processed to preserve resolution. Enjoy!

The Ve-book is an e-book with video inside the e-book (Video(V) e-book).  This episodes have been formatted specially for viewing directly on your computer.  


 Episodes Available for Immediate Download

Episode #1: Javelina Hunt With Machine Gun (color) - 26.45 minutes

Episode #2: AFRICA, The Ledge, Kenya - Mau-Mau Killer Dogs (color) - 24.08 minutes

Episode #3: INDIA, Indian Elephant, Cobra "Dance of Death", Indian Rhino (color) - 26.49 minutes

Episode #4: AFRICA, Techniques of Filming the Series (B&W) - 24.57 minutes

More to come! 

Wild Cargo Episodes - Only $10.95 

Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP & Windows Media Player 7.0 (Click here to download the FREE player). 

Here's how you can get it by IMMEDIATE download:


1.á You can purchase the Ve-book using your credit card through PayPal and you will be able to download it immediately.á Click on one of the buttons below. You will be sent to a download page and will also be sent an email with the download information.

2.á Once you download the Ve-book to your computer hard drive, simply follow the instructions to the letter in the download area or email.

3. These files are in the 17-20 Megabyte range in size. Please allow for appropriate download time if you only have a dialup connection.

Note: The  Ve-books can only be viewed on one computer (the computer it is unlocked on) to protect the content and cannot be copied or printed. 

Yes, I want Wild Cargo Episode #1 (click the Add to Cart button) for $10.95

Yes, I want Wild Cargo Episode #2 (click the Add to Cart button) for $10.95

Yes, I want Wild Cargo Episode #3 (click the Add to Cart button) for $10.95

Yes, I want Wild Cargo Episode #4 (click the Add to Cart button) for $10.95



Note: There are NO refunds and all sales are final.á There will also be only one serial number provided per Ve-book.  Additional serial numbers require an additional book purchase.á Reformatting your hard drive or changing computers will disable your e-book and will require you to purchase another copy.


WARNING: The information in this e-book are intended only for healthy men and women. People with health problems should not follow the routines without a physician's approval. Before beginning any exercise or dietary program, always consult your doctor. By purchasing this book you have accepted the inherent risk associated with exercise.




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